Gianandrea Giacoma

“Find your demon, express your talents for the benefit of all sentient beings and try to be the best vehicle of compassion and  wisdom. We are parts of immense Mystery and harmony.”


2001  MS in Psychology, University Cattolica of Milan

2001-2002  State License Apprenticeship – Clinic Psychology Center, Hospital San Paolo, Milan

2003-2007  Post-degree Specialization Apprenticeship

2003-2009  Post-degree Specialization on Psychotherapy (Analytical Psychology)

2001-2010  Clinical Psychology

2012-2013  Neuroscience and Analytical Psychology, School of Junghian Psychotherapy LISTA, Milan

2014-2015  Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, School of Junghian Psychotherapy LISTA, Milan


2005-2008  Researcher in Knowledge Management field at Observatory PKM360°, University Cattolica, Milan.

2006-2011  UX Strategist, Social Network Designer and Change Management Consultant freelance.

2007-2009  Co-Author: “Motivational Design” a model di analyst and design behaviors inside physical and digital Social networks (2 editions) link

2008  Co-Author: “Pratiche collaborative in rete” – A book about disciplines hybridization to promote collaboration, sharing and knowledge management practices, Mimesis Edizioni link

2008-2012  Adjunct Professor at MIP Executive Master in Engineering, Contacting and Project Management (EMEC), MIP, Politecnico


2008-2009  Adjunct Professor on psychology applied to interaction design, motivation and incentives, Univ. IULM, Univ. Cattolica, Scuola Politecnica di Design

2009  Enterprise 2.0 Researcher – Politecnico, Milano, Report 2009, Enterprise 2.0 Observatory

2011  Scientific Paper on Psychology of mediated interaction – Research project that validated the ability of MMORPGs (World of Warcraft, Blizzard) to support the development of relational skills in teenagers link

2009-2011  Psychology of mediated interaction – Italian Ministry of Education, INDIRE, Univ. Cattolica (CSRPC), AESVI

2011-2014  Co-founder of the Research Group of Applied Interaction Psychology – CSRPC, Univ. Cattolica, Milano

2011-2020  Design Research Director and UX Strategist, Design Group Italia


2008  SciBZAARnet, one of the first italian events about social network in academic research link

2012  Manifesto Ibridi, a Manifesto about hybrid professionals, a model of leadership

2014-2019  Kairòs, annual transdisciplinary meeting about the evolution of culture and humanity 

2016  Being Sapiens, interviews to experts about the human nature in a moment of profound historical changes

2019 Speaker at the event “Le emozioni che fanno guarire” link


2013-2015  Completed the Teacher Development Intensive in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), offered by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society hosted by Motus Mundi in Rome

2015 -2020 Mindfulness Teacher

2014  Research about technostress and Mindfulness  – Univ. Cattolica, Milano

2013-2014  Mindfulness Compassion Master – Centro Mindfulness Project, Milan

2017  Level 1 Compassion Focused Therapy, London, UK

2018  Level 2 Compassion Focused Therapy, Firenze

2018-2019  Co-creator and teacher of Master MFT Mindfulness and Facilitator Teacher Training, Ass. Esperienze di Mindfulness, Lugano, Swiss link